Question: What are “WorldResponders” and what do they do?

Answer: WorldResponders are a cutting-edge technology system that delivers instant, personalized information to your prospective clients and customers. They can be used to create the ultimate, follow-up, marketing machine… and even manage a huge, personalized, e-mail mailing list.

Question: Can my messages really be that personalized?

Answer: Yes!  You can capture a person’s full name… and even place their name within the subject line of the outgoing message.  If you’d like, you can have their name or any other information you capture appear in the actual body of the outgoing message.

Question: Is it easy to change the text and subject lines of my outgoing messages once they’ve been created?

Answer: Yes. This is accomplished through a simplistic, web interface. You can log on through any computer, whenever you’d like… seven days a week… 365 days a year.

Question: Is there a limit to how long my messages can be?

Answer: No, there aren’t any restrictions. You can send a humongous sales message if you’d like. The only problem is, the longer the message, the less likely your prospect are to read it.  With e-mail marketing, less is often better.

Question: Can I selectively e-mail to my subscriber list?

Certainly. You can send e-mail your active list ( still on follow up) or your archived subscribers any time you’d like. You can also e-mail all your subscribers demographically if you use the demographic features

Question: Can I manage my ezine completely from A to Z?

Answer: Yes.  You can input your list without having to e-mail them.  You can use the MAIL ALL feature to mail to your list whenever you’d like.

Question: Is there any way to see who has subscribed to my autoresponder?

Answer: Yes.  WorldResponders will keep track of whoever triggers your autoresponders and will keep a generated list for you.

Question: Can my subscribers unsubscribe themselves from my list if they want?

Who in their right mind would unsubscribe from your newsletter?  Just kidding. Yes, all they have to do is click on the “unsubscribe” link located on the bottom of every outgoing newsletter. They can also change and update their email address from the same link if they wish to.

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